About Honey

Bees produce honey by collecting nectar, processing it and then conveniently storing it in wax cells making it convenient for the beekeeper to extract. In a nutshell, honey is a sweet, sticky food which is made by honey bees. It is composed primarily of the sugars glucose and fructose in varying quantities and a little water along with small quantities of other sugars, proteins, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Many different types of honey exist and these differences are determined by the variety of flowers that the bees collected the nectar from e.g. honey produced from flowers of the oil seed rape plant will be quite thick, opaque and prone to crystallising easily (setting) because of the high glucose content whilst at the other end of the spectrum, borage honey is quite pale, runny and will not crystallise so readily because it has a much higher proportion of fructose to glucose ratio.

Not only is honey a delicious food and natural sweetner but honey has also been shown to have many health benefits too.